Grooveit Brush

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Grooveit Brush
  • Patented pump-action sprays water or your choice of cleaning solution onto the clubface prior to scrubbing

  • The option to use a liquid to help clean what you are scrubbing is a game-changer

  • Extremely easy to refill on the go, around the course or driving range

  • Detachable magnet allows ultimate mobility while using the brush

  • Eliminates the need for a clip or lanyard that will wear out or get caught in the golf bag zipper or towel

  • Magnets will work for the lifetime of the brush

  • Tough, durable scrubbing brush with a 3 year bristle guarantee. If you can wear out the brush head cleaning golf clubs in three years, send it back and we will get you a free replacement!

  • Ergonomic designed pistol grip, knurled finish.

  • Strong, rugged, and durable design that will deeply clean clubs

  • Ensures maximum backspin, distance and accuracy