Accra ICWT 2.0 Iron Series

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Accra ICWT 2.0 Iron Series
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The new ACCRA iCWT 2.0 iron shaft is designed for the discerning golfer looking for a graphite iron shaft that utilizes a constant weight design. Other constant weight shafts only enable the club fitter the option of hard and soft stepping for minor variations of flex. ACCRA has designed the iCWT to enable your club fitter to dial in flex to what you need. More than any other graphite iron shaft on the market, the iCWT 2.0 is designed to play like steel with all the benefits of graphite. First Constant Weight iron shaft designed to be custom fit to virtually any flex. Features a stable butt section with a smooth transition to a responsive tip section. Very low torque to add stability and consistency from shot to shot.